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Here's a delicious drink to help you start thinking about summer. It's relatively easy to make and it's a classic, first published in The Bar-Tender's Guide by "Professor" Jerry Thomas way back in 1862. That happens to be the first cocktail book ever published, so we are talking about an old cocktail from a bygone era. Fortunately, the ingredients aren't.

This is a rum drink, and a stiff one at that. It requires a bit of raspberry syrup (or a bit more if it suits you). Making raspberry syrup is a small challenge but definitely worth the effort, and once you have it you can easily make a handful of tasty beverages, not to mention a fantastic sundae! To make raspberry syrup, you need raspberry juice and sugar. The best method is to squeeze fresh raspberries and use the juice to make a simple syrup. Just measure your juice

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Happy 2012

After a short time off, we’re back! We hope you are all enjoying 2012. It has been an odd winter in the Twin Cities and perhaps the weather has been inconsistent in other places too. But no matter what’s going on outside, for the past two years running, Summit Sips has been dancing to a Drink of the Week every single week just in time for the weekend. Keeping that kind of momentum has been a blast even if it wasn’t always convenient, but we have certainly enjoyed the break. We will continue the spirit of the Drink of the Week going forward, even if our cadence shifts to a more manageable rhythm.

Something we have never really done here at Summit Sips is a retrospective compilation. We may be out of step with most of the “New Year’s Best Of” lists given that we are more than several

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