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The Summit Sips Store has two sections:

New Items



We have always provided easy access to tools, books and other new items organized for you into categories so you don't have to waste your time searching for things that appear in the articles. However, over the years we have also collected vintage glassware, barware and other useful or unusual tools. We simply cannot use all of them all of the time, so we also have the Antique/Vintage store featuring many of the items that appear in our photographs.

You'll notice that each section has it's own shopping cart system. They cannot be combined into a single order. That's because the New Items section links directly into Amazon.com (with all of the obvious benefits to you) while we run the Antique/Vintage Store ourselves.  In the New Items store, you get the experience and automation that Amazon is know for. In the Antique/Vintage store, you get service with a personal touch, with details and images that we provide ourselves. Click here for shipping, return and privacy policies.