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Thanksgiving and Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving! Although it has been quieter lately around Summit Sips.com, we have big plans in the coming months to share more great cocktails, reviews and vintage items. But before we show you what we have been making this week we have an announcement to make about the Summit Sips store.

Summit Sips Vintage Barware on Etsy.com Summit Sips recently opened a vintage barware store on Etsy.com. The Etsy marketplace is a fantastic resource for art and vintage/antique items for sale, and we finally added some of our collection to the mix. Right now, just a handful of items are available in our shop but we plan to grow this inventory as we add more from our collection, eventually shifting our glassware inventory to this new venue. Please take a look and check back in the coming weeks for more. Your support is what helps keep Summit Sips

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Never Wash Glassware Again

One of the joys of going out for drinks at a bar is that you don't have to do any of the work. Yes, we have been writing for years about how anyone can make fantastic cocktails at home, but sometimes you don't want to think about the details. You want to let a professional take care of you. Sure, using the proper tools and techniques you can make your own delicious beverages, and over the years we have documented plenty of great ideas. Some of them might have seemed foolish or unorthodox at the time, but strokes of brilliance rarely feel commonplace. This year, we've come up with a solution to a problem that plagues every aspiring mixologist: washing glassware.

It's a recurring problem that never goes away: cleanup is something you cannot avoid. Maybe that splash of lime isn't hurting anybody, and the egg white on the

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Mid-Century Modern Glassware

When it comes to selecting glassware for the home bar, plenty of options exist, especially if you hope to feature your creations in vintage style. However, not everyone likes classic decor. Cut crystal stemware, hand-blown coupes, decorated etching—these are definitely beautiful options for presenting a fine cocktail, but for many of us, Mid-Century Modern designs are more appropriate, especially if the goal is to match other items in the home. Whether you are a fan of AMC's Mad Men, or you are simply drawn to that iconic look, we often stock such glassware in the Summit Sips Store worth investigating.

Whenever we find Mid-Century Modern items or designs that appear to match that aesthetic, we make a point to describe them as such. Pictured here are a couple examples, but you can always search the store for "modern" or "Mid-Century" to find out what we have

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Latest Glassware Arrivals

Etched Wine Glass

When we first decided to share our glassware collection with readers, we opened the doors of possibility, offering unique and inexpensive vintage and antique stemware to everyone. It was our hope that customers would be able enjoy their favorite recipes using glassware exactly like the cocktails pictured here on Summit Sips. We are pleased to report that many items from our collection have found new homes far and wide.

Whenever glassware leaves our shelves, it makes room for new items, like the wonderful set of etched wine glasses pictured here. We imagine using these glasses for everything from wine, water and champagne or for drinks like the Seelbach or the Oliveto. Actually, any recipe would work nicely in these gorgeous stems. To help folks find new

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Unmatched Sets

When it comes to cocktail glassware, it's important to have a variety of styles to suit the drinks going into them. There's absolutely no reason for cocktail glasses to match—in fact it's better if they don't. Guests love having a glass as unique as their drink selection.

We occasionally assemble one-of-a-kind stems into a set of glassware. These Unique Sets sometimes represent great value when purchased together. You can also assemble your own unique sets by browsing our entire inventory.

Tiki Glassware

The glass you use for a Tiki style cocktail can be as varied as the ingredients. Tropical drinks work well in a variety of shapes. Many call for call for crushed ice, but even with cubes you cannot go wrong with the traditional carved idol look of a ceramic tiki mug. Tumblers and and tall goblets work well for swizzles, and a bulbous snifter can be perfect for punches with lots of ice.

Check out the Tiki Category of the Store for options we think work well.

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Spotlight: Silver Lining

There's something to be said about sliver-lined glassware. Take two identical glasses, one plain and another with a mirrored, silver edge. The effect seems fancier and more refined. Silver lining is a simple technique that can look amazing when done well. The application may highlight just a rolled lip or it can extend further down the rim like a reflective Art Deco or Machine Age pinstripe.

Silver lined edges can evoke a vintage feel that works as well with classic decor as it does with modern styles.

Click the images to see items in the store that feature silver rim. Be sure to view the detailed Gallery images for items of interest.

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