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Republic of Jam Cocktail Club: Irish Scallywags

It's that time again when the masters of fruit preserves and culinary syrups gather their "citizens" for another quarterly Cocktail Club. When Republic of Jam puts on an event, it's sure to include an assortment of flavors to delight your tastebuds. This was no exception, and once again, we were invited to lend some creative cocktail ideas to the evening. One of the challenges we learned from last time was the fact that cocktails mixed in batches are served en masse and have to be prepared differently. Because all of the drinks get served as small samples on the rocks, none of them go through the typical construction process of shaking with ice. Proper dilution is normally a helpful byproduct, so we needed to take that extra water into account. By making these individually, you also have the flexibility of glassware choices and creative flourishes with the garnish.

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Lavender Lemon Drop Cocktail

The Lemon Drop cocktail is actually quite new when you compare it to the age of some of the classics. Its invention is attributed to Henry Africa's in San Francisco which was established in 1970 by proprietor Norman Hobday. His vision for what came to be know as the "fern bar" included comfortable old furniture, antique lamps and giant fern plants, giving it the feel of a living room. The bar was an upscale hot spot for nicely-dressed men and women during the sexual revolution of the 1970's and later, a popular "meet market" for 1980's preppies.

Despite its relatively recent conception, the Lemon Drop today finds its way onto many bar menus both as a cocktail and as a shot. I offer a refreshing twist on the recipe that includes a touch of lavender. This floral component pairs nicely with lemon, and if you can avoid the overpowering

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