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BarSmarts™ Mixology Course

Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone just getting interested in mixology, I highly encourage you to check out the BarSmarts™ program. Led by the famed team of partners of Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR), LLC, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Steve Olson, F. Paul Pacult, Andy Seymour and David Wondrich, BarSmarts™ was designed exclusively for Pernod Ricard USA and aims to deliver the most comprehensive spirits and mixology education available.

Summit Sips is Now Certified I just completed the BarSmarts™ WIRED certification course and I thought I'd write a few words about this program. First of all, I have always been curious about bartender certification and I have a lot of respect for everyone in the trade that can successfully navigate a busy night behind the stick. Managing customers several bodies deep, staying on top of wait staff orders and keeping track of tabs and cash

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So You Wanna Make A Great Cocktail

You can do it. I know you can, because I believe anyone can, provided they understand that the best cocktails consist of two basic elements:

Great ingredients Great technique—with the equipment you have

You won't resolve yourself to mediocrity once you realize that you're not required to own a multitude of special tools to get the job done. Of course, using top-shelf products and fancy equipment to build your cocktails can make things easier, faster and better—but getting good results using what's available is always the goal.

Is great technique a substitute for great ingredients? No. As you'll see, proper technique is closely tied to the equipment you are using, and rarely can it replace or mask a substitution or omission. Ingredients and technique are equally important, and as you face inevitable limits due to budget, space or availability, you'll need to understand how to use what you have and

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