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Drink of the Week: Saw Tooth

Not long ago, Esquire magazine posted a list of drinks for summer on their website. Among them was this recipe by Evan Zimmerman of the Woodsman Tavern in Portland, Oregon. When we visited the Woodsman over a month ago it wasn't on the menu, but the other day we had a chance to mix one of these and all we can say is wow!

It's certainly not a complicated drink to make which is one of the reasons we love it. It's the first time we've written about a drink that contains watermelon and that left us wondering why we don't see it in more recipes. We don't always have a watermelon around so this was a great excuse to buy one. Finally, this cocktail contains Scotch whisky, and that alone is reason enough to get excited. You just don't find many cocktails involving Scotch, so whenever we find

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