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Art Deco Shaker Pitcher

Art Deco Shaker Pitcher

30 ounces to rim
4.5 inches in diameter
11.5 inches high


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This Shaker is a genuine antique, probably from the 40’s Art Deco era, made by Continental Silver Co. Inc.

It’s a completely functional martini shaker/pitcher with a wonderful patina and a few dents–a testament to its age and use. The top lid goes on nice and tight, and the often missing pour spout cap is intact and screws on without any problems. There are no cracks in the metal. Check the Gallery images for detailed photos.

One side as a couple of small dents above the foot. The lid has a small dent and so does the spout cap as seen in the Gallery images. This only add to the charm of this well-used item.

Although you could use this to make drinks, it would take some elbow grease to make it perfectly clean inside. We think of it more as a decor item or antique art piece. The silver plating is far from perfect, but that’s what gives it such vintage charm. We’ve seen similar items displayed as art in noteable bars (such as Canon in Seattle, WA).