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Boston Shaker

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Pictured is one example of a two-piece set consisting of a tempered mixing glass and a mated, stainless steel tin. Together, this are the foundation of cocktail-making, as this vessel is used for almost every recipe you will make, whether classic or contemporary.

Not as clumsy and leak-prone as a cobbler style 3-piece shaker, the Boston Shaker goes together with a gentle tap on the tin when placed over the glass. The seal actually intensifies as you shake with ice because the cool temperature contracts the contents and you can literally hear the negative pressure as it draws the glasses together. With a gentle tap on the side of the tin rim to cause it to flex slightly, you can easily decouple the glass.

You will need a strainer to pour, and we have a couple we recommend.

The glass can be used by itself for stirring with a bar spoon too, so this serves both shaken and stirred recipes.