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Coupe, Floral Etched, Teardrop Stem 5.75 oz

Coupe, Floral Etched, Teardrop Stem 5.75 oz

5.75 ounces to rim
3.5 inches in diameter
6 inches high


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This is a tall, elegant design with wonderful floral etching. The stem is knobbed at the base for strength and has a teardrop bulge near the top which is also functional, keeping your hot hands from sliding up to the bowl and warming a chilled drink. Vertically proportioned, the coupe stands tall yet the volume remains consistent with classic cocktail measurements holding 5.75 ounces right to the rim. The floral etch is what makes this stem unique. It features six large flowers connected by vines and leaves over an arched trellis. We rarely find glasses like this. The etch is substantial with a deep texture that you can feel with your fingers, so it captures and scatters the light.