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Irish Coffee 6 oz, Libbey 8054

Irish Coffee, Libbey 8054

6 ounces to rim
2.75 inches in diameter
5.625 inches high


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This is the “almost discontinued” and highly sought-after Libbey footed Irish Coffee glass, model 8054. This Georgian design has been made famous by the Buena Vista in San Francisco where each day they serve Irish Coffee by the thousands using the original recipe only in these glasses. They cite ideal properties of break resistance and heat retention as well as the perfect capacity for serving a classic Irish Coffee. While this design was no longer in production, bars, restaurants and collectors scrambled at every opportunity to purchase more. They work equally well as sour goblets, but we use them for everything from hot toddies, absinthe, and beer tasting.

Holds 6 ounces, measures 2.875 inches in diameter at rim, 5.75 inches high