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Summit Sips Travel Cocktail Kit

Summit Sips Travel Cocktail Kit

0.875 inches high
3.75 inches long
2.5 inches wide
Made of tin, glass, stainless steel, paper, plastic, rubber


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The Summit Sips Travel Cocktail Kit is a compact, TSA-passable cocktail-making kit designed to be included in your carry-on baggage for use aboard airplanes. It allows you to make four (4) delicious Old Fashioned cocktails with ease. This kit was featured on the SummitSips.com cocktail blog and includes a stainless steel stirring spoon and an amber bitters vial (see images).

Complete instructions are always handy inside the lid of the kit.

How to use the kit:

Two clear glass vials are 2/3 filled with sugar. A day or two before you travel, add water to the sugar to fill the vials completely. Give the sugar and water a shake to eliminate air bubbles and get it to dissolve. Top off with water if needed, put the cap on, and in 24-48 hours (use hot water to dissolve sugar in minutes) you will have 2 vials filled with rich simple syrup and enough cocktail bitters for the round trip!

Pack the kit into your 1-quart zip-close plastic bag for TSA inspection. While in-flight, order mini bottles of whiskey and a glass with ice from the flight attendant. Use the kit to construct up to four (4) Old Fashioned cocktails (each syrup vial is enough for two cocktails). Add simple syrup and two full droppers of bitters to your glass of ice, add the whiskey and stir with the included spoon to chill. Voila! A craft cocktail that will be the envy of other passengers!
Recharge the sugar vials when you reach your destination with sugar packets (often free in your hotel room, coffee shops etc.). You will have plenty of bitters to make four more cocktails on your return flight (and you can refill the bitters vial when you get home).

This kit is an improved version of the one originally described as a DIY proof of concept here:
Travel Cocktail Kit

Improvements: customized stainless steel spoon–maximum size given a minimum amount of space, two large vials to make enough simple syrup for 4 cocktails in-flight, an updated instruction card.

Why use our kit?

  • Service on commercial flights has changed over the years. Sure, you can buy beverages in-flight, but that rarely includes cocktails mixed to order. Of all of the drink recipes out there, The Old Fashioned is a true classic that is easy to make and does not require breaking any rules to do so.
  • Our kit is compact. We cram everything you need into a smaller tin than other kits you might find, allowing you to make four cocktails (and four more on your return flight if you recharge the sugar vials).
  • We use quality glass vials and and a stainless steel stirring spoon.
  • We have a system that works. Our method has you dissolving the sugar in vials while you are packing the night before, not muddling sugar in a plastic cup on a flimsy seat back tray! Besides, sugar does not readily dissolve in alcohol but simple syrup will mix immediately. Adding bitters with a dropper is clean and precise.
  • Our kit includes a recipe card attached to the lid for your cocktail and recharge instructions. We also include a card in the bottom for notes which can also soak up any spills or can be handed to a friend when they ask where you got your kit.
  • Our kit is reusable. You can recharge the sugar easily and there is plenty of bitters for your return flight. You can always recharge the bitters vial when you get home.
  • By purchasing directly from us you are helping to support the SummitSips.com cocktail blog, a useful resource for anyone interested in cocktails.

The Summit Sips Travel Cocktail Kit includes:

  • Two, 1/2-ounce glass vials with sugar (just add water to make rich simple syrup). Once the sugar is dissolved, each vial holds enough simple syrup to construct two (2) Old Fashioned cocktails. That’s enough to make 4-drinks in flight!
  • One 1/8-ounce amber glass dropper bottle of aromatic bitters (enough to dash into your cocktails for a round-trip)
  • One customized 18-10 stainless steel stirring spoon with no sharp edges
  • Recipe Card with in-flight mixing steps and sugar recharge instructions
  • Note card
  • Compact tin case and sleeve (same size as Altoids tin)
  • Full-page instruction sheet that explains the whole process (a great addition if giving the kit as a gift)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit has been tested and it passes TSA inspection. However, DO NOT attempt to use your own base spirits on an airplane. You can legally carry-on mini bottles, but you are not allowed to open those in-flight. Just order liquor and ice from the attendant.