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Wine, Etched 10 oz

Wine, Etched 10 oz

10 ounces to rim
2.75 inches in diameter
6.25 inches high


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You might not consider a wine glass the perfect vessel for cocktails, but this one works. This antique glass is solid, not delicate, yet it looks petite and elegant. It has the perfect combination of fanciness and durability. It’s not a large glass (modern wine glasses can hold 20 ounces or more!) and you would never fill it beyond about 6 ounces, which would bring the level right into the etching.

The etched pattern has sections (see Gallery Image for close up) that resemble circles and swirling ribbons. We absolutely love this design and find it the most flexible glass in the store. Use it to serve elegant cocktails, champagne, water, or of course, wine.

Holds 10 ounces right to the rim (but looks best holding 6 ounces or so).