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Cocktail Glasses, Mixed Set of 4

Cocktail Glasses, Mixed Set of 4

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We like to offer unique sets at a small discount as an opportunity to try a variety of styles to build our own glassware collection. This set combines elegant form with versatile function in four wonderful cocktail glasses that can fit a variety of service needs. Each glass is fancy and original—just like each recipe you might serve in them. Be sure to click the Gallery Images to see more detail!

The first glass is a classic 5.5 ounce coupe. It is a genuine Libbey 3773 Embassy Champagne Glass—the one that has become the standard in craft bars and restaurants. These perfect glasses are durable, hold a chill, and have the perfect shape and volume for most classic cocktails.

The second glass is a coupe with a hemispherical bowl that sits atop a decoartive fluted column. The rim has a rolled lip to prevent chips. This glass and the Libbey are hefty enough to go right into the freezer until needed.

The third glass is a taller fizz or sour goblet. This one has a hand-ground decorative pattern below the rim which has a rolled lip to prevent chipping. Perfect for a Sloe Gin Fizz, Mojito, Julep or even a hot toddy—it’s smart to have a taller goblet for long drinks that need the extra volume.

Sometimes even a classic cocktail needs some extra head space. The fourth glass is perfect for such recipes. It retains classic proportions while standing a bit taller than the other coupes. The bowl has a rounded v-shape with sides that extend vertically—a less slosh-prone design for martinis. This coupe is a bit thinner than the others offering a more elegant experience to elevate fancier cocktails.