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Coupe, Smoked, Flat rim, 7.5 oz

Coupe, Smoked, Flat rim, 7.5 oz

7.5 ounces to rim
3.5 inches in diameter
5.25 inches high


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This cocktail glass captures an elegant style with an unusual shape and tinted glass. The bowl is deep in the center with flat vertical sides that protect the rim should the glass fall to a side or when pushed against the back wall of a shelf or other glassware. This shape is less slosh-prone with a stem that tapers smoothly into the bowl for a mid-century modern look that is not very common among antique glassware. But the obvious feature is the smoke-tinted glass. It is a neutral gray throughout but appears darker in thicker areas for a gorgeous effect.

For the untinted version, check out glass #118 which is the same shape in clear glass.