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Crush-A-Cube Ice Crusher

1.75 inches high
6.5 inches long
2.5 inches wide
Made of metal


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Crushing ice is never easy. At one point, someone invented this hand ice crusher based on the principle of a double-lever citrus squeezer. Place an ice cube into the open compartment, then clamp down on the hands and CRUNCH goes the ice! Open the device and dump out the crushed ice.

It sounds odd by today’s standards, but this device actually works fine for a single drink or two. It is all metal construction and a genuine antique. The hinge mechanism comes apart and the pin has started to bend a bit over its lifetime, but this could be drilled out and replaced with a stainless steel rod.

The metal material is not iron, as no magnet will adhere, so it could be aluminum or some other metal. We think this is a fantastic piece of bar history and it could be put into use, or displayed as a vintage decor item.