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Oak Sticks


These sticks are perfect for infusing oak flavor into cocktails or spirits in a mason jar. We add a char by hitting them with a propane torch for a few moments to simulate a charred barrel. This is “aging” without a barrel.

American White Oak Wood Sticks can be added directly into your wine and whiskey aging processes. Oak has been used for years to make barrels used in the aging of wine and “higher” spirits like whiskey and brandy. It imparts an oak flavor that cannot be duplicated. With our high quality kiln dried, hand chopped, white oak sticks you can impart an “oak barrel flavor” to your wines and spirits. Surface area is the key! But you gotta remember, it takes time. Our Kiln Dried White Oak Sticks can be used two or three times, just toast and use again, and after using a few times just add to your grill. Even your steak can be improved with our white oak sticks! We believe there is no better product available. Our sticks are EACH chipped by human hands (using tools of course). I know that this may sound crazy, but that is the best way to produce the highest quality White Oak Sticks offered on the market today. And by the way…your order keeps Americans working. Corbett’s White Oak Sticks are used in the aging process of wines and other spirits like whiskey and brandy. Our White Oak sticks are manufactured from American white oak lumber that has been kiln dried. Use as is or toast, char, or deep char to your desire. We purchase our rough cut white oak lumber from W.D. CLINE LUMBER CO. in North Georgia. Our White Oak Sticks are made from this purchased kiln dried lumber that has never been used for any other purpose.