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Fluted Rocks Glass, 13 oz

Fluted Rocks Glass, 13 oz

13 ounces to rim
3.25 inches in diameter
4 inches high


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We don’t often feature lowball or rocks glasses, but we couldn’t pass on these fantastic Italian tumblers. Perfect for drinks on the rocks or for serving beverages neat, this solid design features a thick bottom and gorgeous fluted sides. The scalloped walls provide a nice surface to grip. The prismatic effect throws light around to make your drinks sparkle.

Check the gallery images for closeups and note that in the pictures, the glass appears to have very narrow, reeded ridges. This is not the case, but merely an optical effect. The fluted sides have a graceful arc like that of a quarter ($.25 US) repeated like waves, 7/16″ from crest to crest, 24 times around the outside. The flutes bend around the bottom edge—a smart design choice that avoids corner chipping.