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Ice Crusher, Metrokane, Chrome

Ice Crusher, Metrokane, Chrome

Made of plastic, metal


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This Retro style “swing away” ice crusher makes fast work of ice cubes. Load the flip-top with cubes, close the lid and turn the handle. The teeth within will chew the cubes as you crank the handle, depositing the crushed ice into the clear plastic container below.

The swing-arm style ice crusher has been around for a long time. Some years back Metrokane created their version which is large enough transform a quart of ice in less than a minute. The top section is made of metal, not flimsy plastic like others you may find. The clear container below allows you see how much crushed ice you have generated. Vintage modern styling makes it a good fit for home bar whether you are going for a modern or a classic look.

This ice crusher is a quieter alternative to pounding on the counter and it fills an important need for making swizzles, juleps and tiki drinks.

The chrome finish is in great condition for a used item and there are no cracks or scratches. Everything is in good working condition.