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Large Coupe, Thin glass, 12 oz

Large Coupe, Thin glass, 12 oz

12 ounces to rim
4.375 inches in diameter
5 inches high


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This is one of the most unique champagne coupes we have ever seen! The beautiful bowl is huge by classic standards. It holds a whopping 12 ounces–but you’d never fill it that much. Like fine wine glasses there’s no reason to pour right to the rim. A generous portion of sparkling wine or your favorite classic cocktail recipe will look stunning in this glass leaving plenty of room to safely walk with the with the glass in-hand or to support garnishes.

The glass is thin and elegant, with a sharp edge and a narrow stem. We’ve never seen a coupe this lovely. In your hand it feels lightweight and delicate, but holding one of these makes us want to pop open a special vintage!