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Spotlight: Etched Designs

Some of the most elegant cocktail images showcase recipes in etched glassware. There's something about an intricate etched design that lends itself to the idea that the liquid the glass holds is special, fancy and unique. Your guests have different tastes and will request different cocktails. Serving them in interesting vessels helps to emphasize that you value their choice. Etched glass takes several forms, from a smooth frosted look to fine-point grooves and ground shapes. Pictured here are some excellent examples of etched designs worth considering. Click the images to see items in the store that feature etched details. Be sure to view the detailed Gallery images for items of interest. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.

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Spotlight: Georgian Coupe from AMC's Mad Men

The Georgian line of glassware has a look that's fancy without being over-decorated. The distinctive "disc" stem is easy to hold and is as functional as it is attractive. Perfectly sized, they boast a historic style that works well for classic cocktails served "up" and for champagne. The coupes even recently made an appearance on AMC's Mad Men. The Georgian coupes are available in several sizes, but the best are the 5 ounce or 6 ounce. Summit Sips often has a small stock of both! Click the images to go directly to the store. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.

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New Feature: Spotlight on Vintage Glassware

Vintage Glassware Collection

One of the problems with modern cocktail glassware is size. A few manufacturers are doing it right, but by and large, if you shop the typical retail channels you still find giant (10 ounces!) cocktail glasses—and good luck finding any coupes. This presents a problem for the home mixologist. Big glasses don’t match smaller classic recipes, and over-sized portions that might fill them take too long to drink before losing their chill.

Summit Sips solved this problem long ago by ignoring the marketing at big box stores and saving our dollars for genuine antiques. It makes sense that glasses were once made for the drinks of their day, and perhaps this trend will return. But nothing is more fun than a classic cocktail served in vintage glassware. As our obsession with glasses grew we realized that everyone should have access to them. So, last July,

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Spotlight: V-Shaped Cocktail Glasses

Here's a fantastic set of v-shaped cocktail stems sized perfectly for classic recipes. Imagine serving your Martini, Vesper, or any "up" cocktail in one of these. This iconic style looks classy, but these are also practical. The solid stems will hold up to abuse and the rolled lip protects against chips. These integrate nicely with a mixed set of coupes, or build a matched set!

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More Vintage Glassware

Coupe, Tall, Iridized

This weekend turned out to be a good one for glassware. As many of you know, I am a big fan of recycling vintage glasses to showcase great cocktails. That usually means that I am on the hunt for coupes, the bowl-shaped champagne goblets from days gone by. But I try not to limit myself to just one style.

I was pretty excited when I spotted a bunch of iridized coupes in perfect condition. These are actually a match to a pair already available in the Summit Sips Store and they are probably my favorite cocktail glasses. I have used them in numerous photographs here. They are slightly larger than what I typically look for, but they are not so big that they overwhelm classic recipes. It felt great to bump up the inventory for this particular stem to a total of seven. If

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Antique Glassware

As many of you know, we have somewhat of an obsession with antique glassware. But, our interest doesn't actually force us to buy every stem that we see. With only a few exceptions, we try to find good values when out on the hunt. We like knowing that we have something unique, but that we didn't have to pay an arm and leg for it. That way we can use them at parties and won't be upset should an accident occur. Some people like matched sets. We understand that, and used to feel that way too, but one of the joys of owning even a single stem of a given style is that it helps to underscore how each cocktail you serve is unique. Rarely do guests all want the same thing, and giving them their selection in a special cocktail glass is another way to enhance the experience

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Buying Basic Glassware Basics

Obsessive (Compulsive?) I don't have everything on my wish list, but I'm a little embarrassed to admit that with all of the spirits, liqueurs, syrups and bitters in my cabinet, I could stock a small bar with a respectable selection. If that weren't enough, I am a sucker for unique glassware. I adore vintage coupes, sour glasses, tumblers, copper mugs, silver julep cups, trumpet flutes and so on and so forth. Don't even get me started on wine glasses. The variety can make for some nice photographs and interesting recipes, but it got me thinking that my strange obsessions are probably not the norm, not even for those of you that regularly visit Summit Sips.

Less Is More There is another philosophy exemplified by David Solmonson and his excellent blog, 12 Bottle Bar. Rather than collect every odd liqueur, gin and aged rum on the planet, David embraces

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