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How to make Limoncello

Perhaps you’ve seen it around. Maybe you read that George Clooney likes it. You may have even seen Danny DeVito talking about it. Maybe you’ve tried it yourself, or if you have been to Italy, maybe you remember how it arrived after your meal, compliments of the chef. Limoncello is a delicious lemon-flavored liqueur that is often served after an Italian meal in order to aid digestion. The secret is that it’s delicious any time, and the best is often made at home.

A proper limoncello has a creamy texture and is usually served neat, right from the freezer. It can be sipped or slammed and it goes great over ice cream. It is crisp, sweet, and refreshing. You could buy it, but most Italians make it themselves. It's not like you have to have to go all the way to Italy to enjoy great limoncello. Sure, you can go

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