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Ouzo Cocktail: The Circean

Some years back my wife and I took a trip to Greece with her father. Like every other tourist, we became wrapped up in local traditions and enjoyed every opportunity to drink ouzo, a sweet anise-flavored spirit similar to French pastis or Italian sambuca. Naturally, we brought a bottle home with us, but sadly, it has spent most of its time at the back of the liquor cabinet.

A few weeks ago my father-in-law was visiting for Thanksgiving and requested a cocktail made with ouzo. I thought for a moment and realized that for the past few years I hadn't once opened the bottle. In fact, I don't even recall stumbling across a recipe that used it. What a shame to let our souvenir go unused for so long. Challenge accepted!

The Greeks normally drink ouzo with a splash of water which dilutes the alcohol and causes it to go

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