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How To Make Spheres of Ice

In a recent article, I described the importance of ice in your cocktail, describing the different kinds of ice you may want to use depending on what you are drinking. If you have ever visited the Bradstreet Crafthouse or a handful of other fine destinations, you may have marveled at the drinks that feature incredible spheres of ice—smooth glacial planetoids that literally span the entire width of the glass. Much more than mere aesthetics, these arctic wonders are functional, keeping their cocktails cold while minimizing dilution. That's because a sphere has the smallest possible surface area for a given volume. Less surface area means less melt, and that results in longer sip time without loss of flavor or temperature.

So how does a bar create a 3-inch sphere of ice? The only answer, up until a couple of years ago was that they carved it! The ice

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Ice isn't just cool, it's important!

It may sound silly to some people, but ice is probably the most important part of your drink. I know, you are probably thinking sure, ice makes your drink cold, but what's the big deal? Well, until you understand the multiple roles ice plays in a cocktail you won't see how important it really is.

What is ice? It sounds like a stupid question because ice is obviously frozen water, but depending on how it is frozen and the quality of the water, ice will behave differently in your cocktail. In addition, the size and shape of the ice pieces can have a dramatic effect on the dilution rate, cooling efficiency, and the overall aesthetics of the drink.

Size matters In any cocktail, you need to realize that the ice is going to shed water into the mixture, so the ice you select will affect the ability to cool the

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