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Drink of the Week: Atty

Back in January, Camper English of Alcademics wrote a piece for the LA Times Magazine with an interesting observation. He suggested that the Martini no longer exists because everyone who makes one (or who orders one) expects something different. In other words, we don't really have a universally accepted recipe today, partly because everyone has different ideas about what they like, what should or shouldn't go into the mixing glass, the proportions and how it should be garnished. Blame it on history, marketing or even peer pressure—it has become a call drink that requires specifics about its construction every time it is requested. If you order a Martini, you should expect a bunch of questions in response. Gin or vodka? Which brand? How much vermouth? What kind of garnish? If you don't get questions you probably shouldn't be ordering one. There's no telling what you will get. Same

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Drink Of The Week: Aviation

I have been waiting all year to post this cocktail because I wanted to do so at an appropriate time. I was going to wait until the Wright brothers' anniversary of flight at Kitty Hawk, NC but that won't be until December. Thankfully, in 1939, Franklin Delano Roosevelt established August 19th (Orville Wright's birthday) as National Aviation Day. You are all encouraged to observe the day with activities related to aviation, or in this case, the Aviation.

I doubt FDR's intent was to promote an interest in cocktails, but it's a very good excuse to post the Aviation as the Drink of the Week. To a cocktail enthusiast, every classic is important because of what it represents in the world of mixology. Whether it's a brilliant use of spirits or a unique and successful pairing of ingredients; classics are often foundational. Recipes evolve, but many of them stand the

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