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Mid-Century Modern Glassware


When it comes to selecting glassware for the home bar, plenty of options exist, especially if you hope to feature your creations in vintage style. However, not everyone likes classic decor. Cut crystal stemware, hand-blown coupes, decorated etching—these are definitely beautiful options for presenting a fine cocktail, but for many of us, Mid-Century Modern designs are more appropriate, especially if the goal is to match other items in the home. Whether you are a fan of AMC's Mad Men, or you are simply drawn to that iconic look, we often stock such glassware in the Summit Sips Store worth investigating. Whenever we find Mid-Century Modern items or designs that appear to match that aesthetic, we make a point to describe them as such. Pictured here are a couple examples, but you can always search the store for "modern" or "Mid-Century" to find out what we have

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Spotlight: Latest Glassware Arrivals

Etched Wine Glass

[caption id="attachment_6689" align="alignleft" width="300"] Etched Wine Glass[/caption] When we first decided to share our glassware collection with readers, we opened the doors of possibility, offering unique and inexpensive vintage and antique stemware to everyone. It was our hope that customers would be able enjoy their favorite recipes using glassware exactly like the cocktails pictured here on Summit Sips. We are pleased to report that many items from our collection have found new homes far and wide. Whenever glassware leaves our shelves, it makes room for new items, like the wonderful set of etched wine glasses pictured here. We imagine using these glasses for everything from wine, water and champagne or for drinks like the Seelbach or the Oliveto. Actually, any recipe would work nicely in these gorgeous stems. To help folks

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Unmatched Sets

Unique Sets

When it comes to cocktail glassware, it's important to have a variety of styles to suit the drinks going into them. There's absolutely no reason for cocktail glasses to match—in fact it's better if they don't. Guests love having a glass as unique as their drink selection. We occasionally assemble one-of-a-kind stems into a set of glassware. These Unique Sets sometimes represent great value when purchased together. You can also assemble your own unique sets by browsing our entire inventory.

Tiki Glassware


The glass you use for a Tiki style cocktail can be as varied as the ingredients. Tropical drinks work well in a variety of shapes. Many call for call for crushed ice, but even with cubes you cannot go wrong with the traditional carved idol look of a ceramic tiki mug. Tumblers and and tall goblets work well for swizzles, and a bulbous snifter can be perfect for punches with lots of ice. Check out the Tiki Category of the Store for options we think work well. To view past Spotlight items, Click Here.    

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Spotlight: Silver Lining


There's something to be said about sliver-lined glassware. Take two identical glasses, one plain and another with a mirrored, silver edge. The effect seems fancier and more refined. Silver lining is a simple technique that can look amazing when done well. The application may highlight just a rolled lip or it can extend further down the rim like a reflective Art Deco or Machine Age pinstripe. Silver lined edges can evoke a vintage feel that works as well with classic decor as it does with modern styles. Click the images to see items in the store that feature silver rim. Be sure to view the detailed Gallery images for items of interest. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.  

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Spotlight: Etched Designs

Ribbon Etched Coupe

Some of the most elegant cocktail images showcase recipes in etched glassware. There's something about an intricate etched design that lends itself to the idea that the liquid the glass holds is special, fancy and unique. Your guests have different tastes and will request different cocktails. Serving them in interesting vessels helps to emphasize that you value their choice. Etched glass takes several forms, from a smooth frosted look to fine-point grooves and ground shapes. Pictured here are some excellent examples of etched designs worth considering. Click the images to see items in the store that feature etched details. Be sure to view the detailed Gallery images for items of interest. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.

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Spotlight: Georgian Coupe from AMC's Mad Men

Georgian coupes as seen on AMC's Mad Men

The Georgian line of glassware has a look that's fancy without being over-decorated. The distinctive "disc" stem is easy to hold and is as functional as it is attractive. Perfectly sized, they boast a historic style that works well for classic cocktails served "up" and for champagne. The coupes even recently made an appearance on AMC's Mad Men. The Georgian coupes are available in several sizes, but the best are the 5 ounce or 6 ounce. Summit Sips often has a small stock of both! Click the images to go directly to the store. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.

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Spotlight: V-Shaped Cocktail Glasses

Click to view in the store

Here's a fantastic set of v-shaped cocktail stems sized perfectly for classic recipes. Imagine serving your Martini, Vesper, or any "up" cocktail in one of these. This iconic style looks classy, but these are also practical. The solid stems will hold up to abuse and the rolled lip protects against chips. These integrate nicely with a mixed set of coupes, or build a matched set!

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Libbey Georgian Irish Coffee 6 oz 8054

Buy Provigil Without Prescription, As many of you know, we have somewhat of an obsession with antique glassware. But, Comprar en línea Provigil, comprar Provigil baratos, our interest doesn't actually force us to buy every stem that we see. With only a few exceptions, we try to find good values when out on the hunt, Provigil results. We like knowing that we have something unique, Order Provigil from United States pharmacy, but that we didn't have to pay an arm and leg for it. That way we can use them at parties and won't be upset should an accident occur. Some people like matched sets, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. We understand that, Provigil duration, and used to feel that way too, Provigil pics, but one of the joys of owning even a single stem of a given style is that it helps to underscore how each cocktail you serve is unique. Rarely do guests all want the same thing, and giving them their selection in a special cocktail glass is another way to enhance the experience and emphasize their choice, cheap Provigil no rx.

[caption id="attachment_4280" align="alignright" width="223"] Libbey Georgian Irish Coffee 6 oz 8054[/caption]

We have often written about how you shouldn't let something like glassware get in the way of trying a recipe, Where can i buy Provigil online, and we still believe that. However, we also understand that sometimes one particular glass is better at bringing out the best qualities in a drink than another, Provigil interactions. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, Take, for instance, the Irish Coffee served at the Buena Vista San Francisco. They only use the Libbey model 8054 glass. This six ounce glass is from the "Georgian" line, Provigil coupon, an elegant, footed style with some very interesting qualities. The shape, purchase Provigil, it turns out, Buy no prescription Provigil online, plays an important role in the quality of the Irish Coffee they serve. With glass that gets thicker toward the bottom of the bowl, it can withstand the high temperatures of coffee without breaking, buy Provigil online cod, and once hot, Provigil from canada, retain that heat as the customer enjoys the drink.

The Buena Vista serves thousands of Irish Coffees in these glasses every single day. So when word began to circulate that Libbey had discontinued the mold, supplies started to dwindle, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. Before long, taking Provigil, not a single 8054 was available for purchase anywhere. Fast shipping Provigil, In order to resume production, Libbey required a very large order—upwards of $250,000, order Provigil from mexican pharmacy. It wasn't a national tragedy, Provigil over the counter, but certainly a problem for the Buena Vista and anyone else in San Francisco serving their Irish Coffee in the same glass. Other glasses were tried, but nothing could match the virtues of the 8054, buy cheap Provigil no rx. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, Reports were starting to appear that folks were getting worried and were declaring the end of the Irish Coffee in San Francisco. When Libbey found out about this, Provigil without a prescription, they offered to waive the costs and restarted production.

Disaster averted, everyone can now rest easy knowing that nothing will happen to the iconic Irish Coffee, Provigil images. It may sound silly, No prescription Provigil online, but there is a serious side to using the right glass for your drink. Not everyone agrees, but we think there is something to be said for sipping a Moscow Mule out of a copper mug, Provigil description, or a Mint Julep from frosted sterling silver. Don't even get us started about wine, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. But, aside from a handful of drinks specifically known for certain glasses, low dose Provigil, many cocktails—especially those served up—work equally well in a variety of styles. Provigil dangers, So, when we are out looking for glassware, we are usually looking for cocktail coupes, Provigil photos. When we find a good price, Get Provigil, we grab it. Most of the collection has made its way into the images you see here every week, and as much as we enjoy using these glasses, we recognize that we can't possibly use them all, my Provigil experience. We want to share them, Where can i buy Provigil online, so most of our glassware is now available in the Antique/Vintage Store. Buy Provigil Without Prescription, We have tried to keep the prices reasonable, and proceeds will help keep the website going. Quantities are always limited but displayed, so keep that in mind if you see something you like, Provigil trusted pharmacy reviews. We also carefully measure everything and tell you how many ounces each item holds right to the rim. Online buying Provigil, Antiques have probably been used, so don't come looking for perfection, but DO come looking, Provigil canada, mexico, india. That's not to say anything is chipped or broken, Provigil description, but vintage glass is often mouth-blown and can have air bubbles, waves and ripples. Sets of glasses can reveal slight variations, Buy Provigil Without Prescription. The pictures here should give you some idea of what to expect, Provigil use, but the store gallery features closer views of some and examples of what was made in them for others. Buy Provigil online cod, We hope to grow the selection, but if you see something you like, don't hesitate. There are no backorders or re-orders here. What we have is what you can buy. If you have any questions or you are looking for something specific, let us know and we will keep a lookout. Cheers, and thanks for shopping.

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