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Mid-Century Modern Glassware

Cocktail, Thin Straight SidedWhen it comes to selecting glassware for the home bar, plenty of options exist, especially if you hope to feature your creations in vintage style. However, not everyone likes classic decor. Cut crystal stemware, hand-blown coupes, decorated etching—these are definitely beautiful options for presenting a fine cocktail, but for many of us, Mid-Century Modern designs are more appropriate, especially if the goal is to match other items in the home. Whether you are a fan of AMC’s Mad Men, or you are simply drawn to that iconic look, we often stock such glassware in the Summit Sips Store worth investigating.

Whenever we find Mid-Century Modern items or designs that appear to match that aesthetic, we make a point to describe them as such. Pictured here are a couple examples, but you can always search the site for “modern” or “Mid-Century” to find out what we have in stock.

Cocktail, Square Amber Foot

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