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Drink of the Week: Zombie

It's the last of the Halloween cocktails, and we are finishing with a good one, the Zombie. This is another Tiki classic, but like many others in its class, this drink is rarely made properly. There's a good reason for that: the drink's creator, Don the Beachcomber, kept his recipes a secret from the world believing his unique, tasty creations were vital to sustaining his business. Over the years, plenty of knock-off recipes have appeared, but the original remained a mystery until recently.

If there is an expert alive today that knows more about tiki mixology than anyone else, it's Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. His research, along with that of several others, has produced a growing compendium of tropical masterpieces along with a few surprises. One of these is the original Don the Beachcomber recipe for the Zombie which appeared in a New York Times article. The Beachbum

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