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Twilight Tinkles

For almost a decade and a half, we’ve been extolling the virtues of great cocktails and how to make them. We’ve shared innovative ideas and revolutionary recipes. We’ve unlocked the mysteries of transformative techniques and inventive ingredients. But we have unintentionally avoided one topic that has, metaphorically speaking, built up enough pressure that we think it’s time to make a change. We are referring, of course, to the simple fact that what goes in must inevitably come out. It is time to finally break the seal and address this gap by completely rebranding ourselves. We will soon change from “Summit Sips, Explorations in Mixology” to “Twilight Tinkles, Explorations in Lavatorology”.

When you’ve made (and consumed) as many drinks as we have—whether at home or in some fancy new bar in town, the routine typically follows a certain flow, and by flow, we mean that quite literally. A trip to the bathroom is often the finale to an evening of entertaining consumption, yet the final act after a session of drinking does not have to be the end of the story. We feel the time is right to transform this finish into our new beginning. Over the years, we have developed a level of expertise in this area and we think it is worthy of exploration.

NCL Deck 13 Starboard Men’s Room has a drink holder

Establishments differ according to location, design, and scale. A typical single-family home, for example, may have features both personal and unique—possibly sporting family heirlooms or padded and furry seat covers—details that would never be appropriate in an environment that experiences high traffic. The Deck 13 starboard Men’s Room aboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship, for instance, requires accommodations that serve a changing yet discerning international clientele, day after day, hour after hour. While both may provide solutions to the same basic human requirements, there are vast differences in how they do so. We believe these differences and the space between them to be fascinating and worth sharing. How else would know that the Cosmopolitan you ordered in the Spinnaker Lounge (with no intentions of dancing) would find the perfect resting place leaving you hands-free to relieve yourself midship before joining your party aft to watch teen beat catch hell from the crew for throwing volleyballs overboard?

Our duty, foolish or not, will be to outline our observations and share our insights as we navigate the tile-clad facilities of our favorite craft cocktail destinations, and in the process, uncover the styles, colors, and smells that we find most interesting. We think it’s an area of interest that hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves.

Thanks for your continued loyalty over the years. We hope you will find our next chapter as interesting as the last. Now, please excuse us while we freshen up.

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