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Author: Randy Hanson

Boba Pops Liqueur Caviar

When we first saw the Robert Hess video featuring cocktail luminary Jamie Boudreau making violette liqueur caviar for a deconstructed Aviation cocktail, we wanted to try it. Creme de Violette


The century-old Casino cocktail (which we should probably write about) inspired Sam Ross to create this rye-based version in 2005. We will make both, but decided to share this one


Our year-long tour of the Portland craft cocktail bar scene is helping to re-acquaint us with places that we have enjoyed in the past as well as some new locations

Rum Club

We have fallen a little behind posting our 2023 bar scene experiences across Portland, but we are still making our way around the city. A few interruptions like birthdays and


We have been enjoying the medium format as well as the more recent video shorts by Zach Zoschke, and in one if his cocktail features the other day he was

Teardrop Lounge

The April installment of our Bar of the Month tour brought us to the Teadrop Lounge, an important fixture of the Portland bar/cocktail scene that we reviewed nine years ago.

Pacific Standard

For the third month in a row, we visited a bar we had never been to before. This was, of course, the luck of the draw as we make our


Here’s a fantastic cocktail just in time for spring. The Tradewinds is an easy, historic tiki recipe from the 1970’s—a time when the Polynesian craze was waning, along with good

Homemade Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream is the cocktail industry name for coconut milk syrup—an essential ingredient in many cocktail classics. There are several brands on the market, but the gold standard is Coco López

DIY Chartreuse

Have we actually discovered how to make a homemade version of Chartreuse using creative infusion techniques that have eluded everyone for hundreds of years?


Straight through (or around the corner) from the Snow Peak store on NW 23rd in Portland, OR sits a Japanese restaurant called Takibi, the second destination on our Bar of

Arak Frappe

A little over five years ago we attended a release party hosted by Jamal Hassan for his release of The Mediterranean Exploration Company’s Oregon Arak, distilled and bottled in partnership