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Author: Randy Hanson

Banana Sidecar

You don’t see that many cocktails that feature bananas, and the more we pay attention to people’s reactions when we mention it, we get the impression that not many people


It’s called the Hucktini, a name that might remind you of stories by Mark Twain but probably comes from cocktail naming “sensibilities” of the relatively recent past—before the modern craft

Twilight Tinkles

For almost a decade and a half, we’ve been extolling the virtues of great cocktails and how to make them. We’ve shared innovative ideas and revolutionary recipes. We’ve unlocked the


There’s a restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Kann. It’s Haitian cuisine from James Beard Award winning chef Gregory Gourdet. It was already a popular place, but when it was announced

Kapu Kai

If you are like us, you horde your Lemon Hart 151 like it’s the last bottle on earth. Or maybe you stockpiled a few during the ups and downs of


Here’s the first in a pair of quick and easy Tiki recipes we whipped up for online happy hours recently. The Lani-Honi is just three ingredients with crushed ice and

Hale Pele

We kicked off 2023 with a plan to visit a dozen bars around Portland, Oregon over the course of the year. Everything was going along fine until mid-year when we

Boba Pops Liqueur Caviar

When we first saw the Robert Hess video featuring cocktail luminary Jamie Boudreau making violette liqueur caviar for a deconstructed Aviation cocktail, we wanted to try it. Creme de Violette


The century-old Casino cocktail (which we should probably write about) inspired Sam Ross to create this rye-based version in 2005. We will make both, but decided to share this one


Our year-long tour of the Portland craft cocktail bar scene is helping to re-acquaint us with places that we have enjoyed in the past as well as some new locations

Rum Club

We have fallen a little behind posting our 2023 bar scene experiences across Portland, but we are still making our way around the city. A few interruptions like birthdays and


We have been enjoying the medium format as well as the more recent video shorts by Zach Zoschke, and in one if his cocktail features the other day he was