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Drink of the Week: Caipirinha

It's one thing to be able to make this drink, but it's something else to be able to pronounce it! For those of you who don't speak Portuguese, we are making a kai-peer-EEN-ya this week. And if that wasn't challenging enough, the base spirit in this drink is called cacha├ža, which is pronounced kah-SHA-sah. Even if you have trouble saying these words, you won't have any problem making the cocktail. It's one of the easiest drinks to make and you don't even need a shaker.

The Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil and it is common throughout that country. In the U.S. it's growing in popularity. I really enjoy this drink because it is so easy to make, having only a base spirit, limes and sugar. Categorically, this a sour like others we have seen, but the preparation of this drink also puts it in the smash

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