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Drink Of The Week: Old Crispin

As the sun begins to set a little earlier each night and the crisp evening air becomes scented with fallen leaves, it always makes me think of ripe apples and fresh baked pies. Of course, this year the apple season came quickly, with fast spring warmth and early blossoms causing the ripe apples to appear sooner than they have in twenty years. Those of you who missed out on the SweeTango® apples during their short two-week season (there were twice as many this year than when they debuted last year) will be on the lookout next time. If you happen to enjoy apples, you might also like cider, and for those of you adventurous enough to try using cider in a cocktail, I have a suggestion for the Drink of the Week.

This year, a friend of mine passed along a tip about a cocktail contest being held by

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Hard Cider can be easy to drink

I am just going to come right out and say it: I'm no apple expert. Not by a long shot. Of course, I am referring to the fruit, not the computer. Sure, I've been able to pick up a few basic tips over the years, but apart from making an occasional pie, I don't eat apples very often. We start to see them appear in vast numbers and bewildering variety this time of year down at the farmer's market, but I honestly don't really know a good apple from a bad one.

When it comes to cider, all I ever knew was the giant one-gallon jug called Indian Summer. Then, a few years back (or has it been a decade?) I started seeing bottles of Woodchuck's Hard Cider and a few others. Together with Hard Lemonade and similar malt beverages, I figured these were simply sweetened alcohol products for people

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