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How to make Falernum

So, maybe you never made the tonic, or perhaps limoncello isn't your thing. Did you at least make simple syrup? Here's a recipe for something that's really easy. It's a delicious ingredient for tropical cocktails that you can buy, but it's hard to find and making it only takes minutes. Chances are, the flavor will be better and you'll have fun doing it.

Falernum is an exotic rum-based liqueur from Barbados that is infused with flavors of lime and spices. The simplest recipe comes from Rick at Kaiser Penguin, but we added some toasted almonds to the mix. He breaks it down into two basic steps. First, you prepare the rum infusion that sits overnight. Then, you prepare a rich simple syrup. Strained and combined, your falernum is ready to use.

Falernum Infusion: 8 oz overproof rum (or any rum you like) 8 limes, zest only

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