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Egg Nog

For several years running we have resisted making egg nog after we read about a process that includes aging. This possibly ill-conceived idea starts with a basic egg, dairy and brandy recipe that accompanies an understanding that the alcohol will fortify the mixture and protect it from going bad during the weeks or months it is allowed to age. Although we have seen other references to aged egg nog, we never completely understood why aging is even necessary. Do eggs and dairy improve with time? Certainly, flavors can develop as ingredients are allowed to combine, but aging a homemade recipe with raw eggs and milk doesn't sound very appealing. Such a notion seems borrowed from the 1988 sci-fi film Alien Nation in which Newcomer Sam Francisco (a humanoid extra-terrestrial played by Mandy Patinkin) guzzles past-due cartons of sour milk as though it were fine wine, checking the sell-by-date and proclaiming

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Drink of the Week: Painkiller

We don't post enough tropical Tiki rum drinks on Summit Sips. It's not intentional—it just works out that way. With winter behind us now and the magnolias in bloom, we thought it might be nice to catch up on a classic that we mentioned back in April of last year. We may not be quite ready to kick off our sandals and relax in the luxurious sunshine, but this string of 70-degree days and thundershowers has us thinking maybe we should get few summer recipes prepared. The Painkiller is a perfect drink to put on the summer menu, and unlike a lot of Tiki tranquilizers, this one is easy to make.

In order to make the Painkiller, you need to gather a few ingredients, but it's not nearly as difficult as you might think. First and foremost, you need coconut cream. Don't worry, we

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Drink of the Week: Hot Buttered Rum

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was asking me why she couldn't find the recipe for Hot Buttered Rum on the site. I realized it's because I had never posted it. It's time to fix that!

There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to Hot Buttered Rum. One is that the best recipe is actually not for the cocktail at all but rather a batter that you use as the basis for the drink. It's hard to deny that a good batter recipe probably makes a fantastic cocktail, but there is another approach that I find appealing for a different reason. It follows the idea that if a recipe is too hard or just too time consuming, you probably aren't going to make it. I am not one to back away from a challenge, but I also recognize that

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Drink Like A Pirate

Avast, ye! It be September 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but flappin' yer jaw like a buccaneer ain't fer the lily-livered, so it only be fittin' what a gentleman o' fortune learn ye 'fore headin' to Fiddlers Green be the sweet trade o' makin' grog!

O'course, them thar Royal bilge-suckers be savin' up rations o' plain ol' Navy Grog fer quench. Aye, e'en a Corsair knows not to be ignorin' citrus, else ye be placin' the black spot 'fore ye be makin' berth. I be keepin' ye from walkin' the plank by pushin' a right, fine Bumboo upon me great, grand matey!

Ahoy, me hearty, thar ain't no caulkin' when nothin' crawls out o' ye bung hole. Ye sprog be needin' to plunder a few 'sential gredients 'fore ye weigh anchor. All hands hoay! Let's splice the mainbrace!

Modern Bumboo 2 oz dark (as Davy Jones' locker)

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Drink Of The Week: Chartreuse Swizzle

A good friend of mine has been reading a collection of short stories by PG Wodehouse about a character named Bertie Wooster and his valet, Jeeves. He came across a passage in the 1924 classic “The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy” in which Bertie recounts his experience at an exhibition at Wembley in North London. There, he is drawn to a Planter’s bar where a man is mixing an unusual West Indian cocktail. Without going into specific detail, he simply states that the drink contains seven ingredients: “A planter, apparently, does not consider he has had a drink unless it contains at least seven ingredients, and I’m not saying, mind you, that he isn’t right. The man behind the bar told us the things were called Green Swizzles; and, if ever I marry and have a son, Green Swizzle Wooster is the name that will

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Punch Drunk

I wanted to write a few words about my experiments with Punch. As the tagline suggests, Summit Sips is about exploring the mysteries of mixology. Whether or not you like the word "mixology", I don't advocate consumption of alcoholic beverages to get "drunk". I see it more as a culinary pursuit to find a balance of flavors and to pair ingredients in unique (or sometimes classic) ways. Semantics aside, there's always the benefit of five o'clock refreshment, and sometimes the goal is to lubricate the social gears of a party to stimulate mingling and conversation. In any case, Punch is a great way to explore exotic flavor combinations.

Punch is a borrowed word from the Hindi panch which itself came from the Persian word paantch meaning five, to represent the five typical ingredients in this early beverage: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water and tea or spices. It was brought back to

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