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Drink Like A Pirate

Avast, ye! It be September 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but flappin’ yer jaw like a buccaneer ain’t fer the lily-livered, so it only be fittin’ what a gentleman o’ fortune learn ye ‘fore headin’ to Fiddlers Green be the sweet trade o’ makin’ grog!

O’course, them thar Royal bilge-suckers be savin’ up rations o’ plain ol’ Navy Grog fer quench. Aye, e’en a Corsair knows not to be ignorin’ citrus, else ye be placin’ the black spot ‘fore ye be makin’ berth. We be keepin’ ye from walkin’ the plank by pushin’ a right, fine Bumboo upon me great, grand matey!

Ahoy, me hearty, thar ain’t no caulkin’ when nothin’ crawls out o’ ye bung hole. Ye sprog be needin’ to plunder a few ‘sential gredients ‘fore ye weigh anchor. All hands hoay! Let’s splice the mainbrace!

Modern Bumboo
2 oz dark (as Davy Jones’ locker) rum
1 oz scurvy-fightin’ lemon juice
1 barspoon pomegranate syrup (gren-a-dine)
plenty o’ ground nutmeg

Shake ‘er to and fro’ singin’ yer fa’orite chanty, an’ scuttle ye treasure into ye black jack. All hope abandon ye who fergets to ration, lest ye b’come loaded to the gunwales.

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Randy Hanson
Randy Hanson
13 years ago

Scallywags! I be tastin’ me Bumboo usin’ me Kraken rum, but this here sour bite needs some tamin’. It sends me taste buds a-dancin’ by addin’ a wee bit o’ syrup and a splash o’ bubblin’ water. Ye patched and parroted lads may ‘cuse me o’ mis-au-thenticatin’, but me ain’t knockin’ me deck on no wooden leg neither!