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New Feature: Spotlight on Vintage Glassware

Vintage Glassware Collection

One of the problems with modern cocktail glassware is size. A few manufacturers are doing it right, but by and large, if you shop the typical retail channels you still find giant (10 ounces!) cocktail glasses—and good luck finding any coupes. This presents a problem for the home mixologist. Big glasses don’t match smaller classic recipes, and over-sized portions that might fill them take too long to drink before losing their chill.

Summit Sips solved this problem long ago by ignoring the marketing at big box stores and saving our dollars for genuine antiques. It makes sense that glasses were once made for the drinks of their day, and perhaps this trend will return. But nothing is more fun than a classic cocktail served in vintage glassware. As our obsession with glasses grew we realized that everyone should have access to them. So, last July, we started offering our collection for sale in the Summit Sips Shop.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so this summer we are adding a Spotlight feature to promote newly-added items or to demonstrate exceptional examples of what we have available. The Spotlight won’t appear as a regular post but will always be available at the top of the right column. Our first feature will be a terrific set of v-shaped stems we recently acquired. Most items in the store are priced in the single-digit range because we hunt for deals that we can pass along to our readers. Rather than offer $30-per-stem pieces that you’d never feel comfortable using, we want to provide unique vintage sets that our readers can afford. We hope you can find something that meets your needs so we aren’t the only ones sipping our favorite beverages out of our favorite glasses!

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