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Spotlight: Georgian Coupe from AMC's Mad Men

The Georgian line of glassware has a look that's fancy without being over-decorated. The distinctive "disc" stem is easy to hold and is as functional as it is attractive. Perfectly sized, they boast a historic style that works well for classic cocktails served "up" and for champagne. The coupes even recently made an appearance on AMC's Mad Men. [caption id="attachment_5594" align="alignnone" width="504"] Georgian coupes as seen on AMC's Mad Men[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5599" align="alignleft" width="156"] Georgian Coupe, 6 oz. Click to view in the store.[/caption]   The Georgian coupes are available in several sizes, but the best are the 5 ounce or 6 ounce. Summit Sips often has a small stock of both! Click the images to go directly to the store. To view past Spotlight items, Click here.              

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