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Portland Bar Review: Hale Pale

Blair Reynolds at Hale Pele
Blair Reynolds at Hale Pele

We first visited Hale Pale to support the grand opening and have enjoyed return visits ever since. It is the best Tiki establishment in Portland. The drinks are true classic Polynesian-styled without cutting corners. In other words, a delicious tropical libation doesn’t mean a sickeningly sweet blend of artificial flavors to hide the alcohol. This place does Tiki right—from impressive glassware to flaming garnishes and fresh fruit. Why spend your time carefully measuring all of those ingredients when you can let someone else do the work for a change?

Hale Pale serves all of the great tropical recipes you’ve heard of and many you probably haven’t. They have an extensive selection of rum and a variety of unusual syrups made by the proprietor, B.G. Reynolds. If the kitschy totems and puffer fish lights don’t win you over, maybe the simulated thunderstorms will! Tables are small but a few can accommodate groups. Get there early (when they open the door) if you have more than a four people. When it’s busy, it can get pretty loud.


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