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If you haven’t been to Eem in NE Portland yet, what are you waiting for? Oh yes, the wait. We arrived one evening around 7 and waited 45 minutes for

Portland Bar Review: Victoria

Have you ever wished for a friendly, neighborhood bar with a good tap beer selection, fantastic craft cocktails with a nostalgic flair, and delicious food where you can eat, drink, and

Seattle Bar Review: Zig Zag Cafe

One of the most important cocktail bars in the Pacific Northwest, Zig Zag Cafe is situated along the staircase above the Seattle Aquarium near the the famous Pike Place Market.

Portland Bar Review: Bible Club

Remember back in college when you used to tell your parents you were going to meet some friends at “The Library”, but instead of studying, that was the name of a local

Portland Bar Review: Ataula

The commercial area around NW 23rd has plenty of reasons to attract folks interested in shopping, dining and drinking, and thanks to Ataula, it also has a fantastic restaurant that

Portland Bar Review: Imperial

What can we say but the facts. This is a great downtown spot on SW Broadway that always has delicious food and a terrific cocktail menu. Being one of chef Vitaly Paley’s

Portland Bar Review: Hamlet

We visited Hamlet, a small but unique spot in the Pearl District of NW Portland during their opening week (note: Hamlet has since closed). Apparently a project to complement the success of Oven

Portland Bar Review: Kask

It’s easy to think of Kask as a drinker’s waiting room for Grüner or even the Multnomah Whiskey Library, but if you make that mistake you are likely to skip

Portland Bar Review: St. Jack

What can we say? It’s on our list, so you should assume St. Jack has great cocktails, because they do. The bar has a slick vibe with huge drippy wax candles.

Seattle Bar Review: Canon

Jamie Boudreau’s Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium in Captitol Hill, Seattle, WA is perhaps the best bar in the Pacific Northwest. That’s saying a lot, since we are fortunate to have some

Portland Bar Review: Bar Avignon

Bar Avignon is a perfect little spot on 21st and SE Division. The small tables feel intimate, the bar is long and the food and drinks are amazing. Farm-to-table is common all