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SummitSips.com was created in 2009 to document the growing worldwide interest in quality cocktails through fair and honest posts about ingredients, recipes, techniques and destinations. Our mission has always been to provide insightful details for curious readers by sharing our journey while providing appropriate history and credit, and above all, demonstrating how anyone with a casual interest in mixology can enjoy professional results.

Technology and Design
Summit Sips is owned and managed by Randy Hanson, a technology professional who is also a graphic artist. We are a self-hosted site using a customized theme on the WordPress platform. Our design aesthetic is inspired by the classic Martini cocktail with an emphasis on clean lines and a simple, uncluttered interface that is easy to read and simple to navigate. Features and navigational links consume the left sidebar and a large center column is reserved for site content. Advertising is restricted to the right sidebar.

Content and Activity
Randy Hanson writes all content on the site. We do not have contributor posts from any outside sources. We may write honest reviews of products if requested, but we do not write sponsored posts. For several years we have been running regular featured recipe posts that we initially called Drink of the Week. This constant rhythm of new content is augmented by additional posts that include product reviews, homemade ingredient how-tos, events and destinations. By covering most popular classic cocktail recipes and evaluating tools and techniques, we have amassed hundreds useful articles that now comprise a valuable, growing online resource.

We shoot all cocktail photos ourselves and only rarely may include a royalty-free image when we cannot create our own. We post double-resolution images and thumbnails that look fantastic on newer laptops, iPhones, iPads and other high-DPI (retina) displays, detecting such capabilities on the fly and delivering the image most applicable. This saves bandwidth and decreases load times for readers using older devices while ensuring those with retina displays enjoy an optimized visual experience.

Audience and Traffic
Our target audience includes any reader over 21 years of age at any experience level with an interest in quality cocktails. Our growing archive of relevant topics continues to draw new readers as well as return visitors through RSS feeds, Twitter follows and Facebook likes.

Recent Statistics:

Monthly Page Views: 9,878
Pages per Visit: 2.14
Average time on site: 00:02:09
New Visitors: 68.08%

Summit Sips was an early partner with Liquor.com where we are also a content contributor. Randy Hanson is a Bar Smarts™ certified member of the Northstar Bartender’s Guild of Minnesota where we have been referenced in local media for developing Lynden’s Soda Fountain 1886 cola recipe. We recently moved to Portland, Oregon where we continue to emphasize local events and destinations. We have also been selected as Foodista featured drink blog.

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