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Seattle Bar Review: Canon

Jamie Boudreau’s Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium in Captitol Hill, Seattle, WA is perhaps the best bar in the Pacific Northwest. That’s saying a lot, since we are fortunate to have some

Rhubarb Blush

We have a lot of content to add to our compilation of bar reviews. There are so many great places to order cocktails Portland, Oregon and the list keeps on growing. One favorite restaurant

Portland Bar Review: Red Star Tavern

Say what you will about hotel bars that try to do it all—they might meet expectations, but how often do they really exceed them? It’s not easy to cater to

A New Reviews Menu

Changes are afoot at Summit Sips. We moved the Archives menu item to the navigation sidebar and added a Reviews link to the main menu above. We have always believed

Portland Bar Review: Beaker & Flask (closed)

Kevin Ludwig’s Beaker & Flask is no longer open. It was situated behind Rum Club, (or rather, Rum Club opened behind it). We remember it with fondness! References: Norwegian Negroni Mexican

Portland Bar Review: Laurelhurst Market

The cocktail program at Laurelhurst Market was developed by Portland mixology guru Evan Zimmerman and that legacy continues. Using unusual techniques like Smoked Ice and inspired flavor combinations, the cocktails

Portland Bar Review: Hale Pale

We first visited Hale Pale to support the grand opening and have enjoyed return visits ever since. It is the best Tiki establishment in Portland. The drinks are true classic

Portland Bar Review: Whiskey Soda Lounge

Technically a separate establishment, we have always thought of the Whiskey Soda Lounge as the waiting room for Pok Pok. They share a similar drink menu and a handful of

Portland Bar Review: Pok Pok

Thai street food is the name of the game here. But in order to combat the spicy heat, you need a decent drink. In addition to their signature water flavored

Portland Bar Review: Secret Society

Hidden on the second floor of the same building that houses Toro Bravo you will no longer find The Secret Society. It had an old-world speakeasy vibe befitting its intimate