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Republic of Jam Cocktail Club

This past weekend we were invited to participate in the quarterly Cocktail Club at Republic of Jam. Being asked to contribute recipe ideas was an honor, and it was even more exciting to be there to answer questions and provide details about each drink. Citizens in attendance were genuinely enthusiastic about the whole process. Many had questions about everything from ice options to spirit suggestions. It was a joy to see so many people excited to participate.

Each of the recipes were made in large batches and poured over ice to make service fast and smooth. This was a smart choice given the sample size of each drink, but if you make some of these yourself, follow the directions. Some of these drinks are designed to be served up, in a stemmed cocktail glass (chill glasses in the freezer ahead of time and serve without ice). Good shaking

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Monkey Bar & Seafood Restaurant

We had a little fun on Friday with our last post about the Frank Collins. I think it’s important not to always take life too seriously. If you or someone you know actually made that drink, I commend you for having an open mind and for trying new things. Leave a comment and I’ll try to remind you next year what day it is. Switching gears a bit, I wanted to recommend a destination if you happen to take a trip to the Caribbean. One of the joys of traveling is the exploration of cuisine, and of course, the opportunity to try local cocktails. There are plenty of other reasons to visit unique destinations, and finding a good drink can’t always be the focus. Sometimes local attractions such as clear blue water and white sandy beaches are reasons

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