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Portland Bar Review: Pepe le Moko

Pepe Le MokoWhat was old and embarrassing is new and delicious at Pepe Le Moko, Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s not-so-secret speakeasy mini bar downstairs from Clyde Common. Here you will find a short but delicious drink list featuring unexpected remakes of laughable drink concepts like the Amaretto Sour, Grasshopper, and the Espresso Martini. Of course, these updated versions are all wonderfully executed, as are the house classics. You can’t go wrong here in the drink department. We happily nibbled Cumin Pistachios while sipping Long Island Iced Teas in the intimate setting. You won’t be able to host a big group down here as the tables are small, but that is part of its charm. Oysters, sandwiches and small bites are available too.

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