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Portland Bar Review: Clyde Common

Barrel-aged Negroni cocktail at Clyde Common

Managed by Oregon legend, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the bar program at Clyde Common is second to none. They have a great selection of spirits with an emphasis on American whiskey. The bar features seasonal cocktail menus, barrel aged drinks, bottled cocktails, and a daily punch special that is always changing. Mr. Morgenthaler’s emphasis on technique, quality ingredients and solid recipes (all of which are underscored in his recent must-have Bar Book) ensures that every drink served is a winner.

Like most bar/restaurants in Portland, casual street attire is acceptable but you can easily get away with fancier dress. The bar can get pretty busy on the weekends, but don’t let that stop you. The food here is fantastic too. Clyde Common served our first meal on our first visit to Portland several years ago and we’ve been returning again and again ever since.

Pepe Le Moko opened downstairs. Be sure to checkout this little gem (access the entrance to Pepe by leaving Clyde Common, heading to the right and around the corner).


Norwegian Wood

Barrel Aged Cocktails


Briar Patch

St. Stephen’s Sour

Amaretto Sour

Bourbon Renewal

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