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Bar of the Month

With most daily routines returning to near-normal at this point, coming out of the pandemic lockdown has felt like a slow process in Portland, Oregon. Pre-COVID life seems so far

Abigail Hall

Tucked around behind the lobby of downtown Portland’s Woodlark Hotel, Abigail Hall occupies a space that was once the Ladies Reception Hall of the original Cornelius Hotel back in 1907.


Straight through (or around the corner) from the Snow Peak store on NW 23rd in Portland, OR sits a Japanese restaurant called Takibi, the second destination on our Bar of

Pacific Standard

For the third month in a row, we visited a bar we had never been to before. This was, of course, the luck of the draw as we make our

Teardrop Lounge

The April installment of our Bar of the Month tour brought us to the Teadrop Lounge, an important fixture of the Portland bar/cocktail scene that we reviewed nine years ago.

Rum Club

We have fallen a little behind posting our 2023 bar scene experiences across Portland, but we are still making our way around the city. A few interruptions like birthdays and


Our year-long tour of the Portland craft cocktail bar scene is helping to re-acquaint us with places that we have enjoyed in the past as well as some new locations

Hale Pele

We kicked off 2023 with a plan to visit a dozen bars around Portland, Oregon over the course of the year. Everything was going along fine until mid-year when we


There’s a restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Kann. It’s Haitian cuisine from James Beard Award winning chef Gregory Gourdet. It was already a popular place, but when it was announced