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Cruise Ship Cocktails

It’s a tricky thing, choosing cocktails on a cruise ship. Do you go with the signature Drink of the Day or pick one from the menu—a list that is bloated

21st Century

Last year around this time we started the Drink of the Week, a journey through classic and contemporary cocktail recipes. The 52 cocktails chosen, along with many that were posted

Mini Measuring Cup Mod

People sometimes assume all that separates the expert from the common person are the tools they use. Of course, there’s usually a lot more to it than that. Knowledge, experience,

Buying Basic Glassware Basics

Obsessive (Compulsive?) We don’t have everything on our bottle wish list, but we are a little embarrassed to admit that with all of the spirits, liqueurs, syrups and bitters in

Holiday Gifts for the Mixologist

Last year, we put together a comprehensive list of important gift items for the Mixologist. It’s still a good list, but this year, we decided to take a slightly different

Basil Oil Garnish

Yesterday, my brother told me he was searching for other ways to use basil in a cocktail. His first thought was to do a search on Summit Sips to see

Cocktail on a Stick

There’s a class of cocktails out there called the swizzle. They can contain any variety of ingredients but are often rum-based with a “Tiki” flair. A swizzle can be a Punch

Punch Drunk

I wanted to write a few words about my experiments with Punch. As the tagline suggests, Summit Sips is about exploring the mysteries of mixology. Whether or not you like

Bacon Infused Bourbon

Every once in a while something that sounds crazy in a cocktail actually works, if you are open to the idea. One such concept is Bacon Infused Bourbon. It’s seems

Gin Red Basil Smash

I simply couldn’t let the summer slip by without featuring my favorite summer drink, the Gin Basil Smash, but this time with a twist. I mentioned this drink last year,

Squeezing Fresh Citrus

Making a great cocktail takes time, and if you have tried to recreate any of the recipes here, you know that the results are worth waiting for. But, during those

Blood and Sand

You just don’t find many cocktails made with Scotch whisky. Perhaps it’s hard to produce combinations that work well together considering the prominent flavors that are typical of any good