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How to Make Non-alcoholic Triple Sec

Triple sec is a clear, orange-flavored liqueur—originally a strong, sweet type of Curaçao made from the dried peels of bitter oranges. One of the most famous brands is Cointreau, known for its high quality orange flavor. You can easily make a DIY version of this liqueur without the alcohol.

We are calling our project Zero Sec—a non-alcoholic orange liqueur. It is basically an orange syrup, but one that is not dark and thick. This is something similar to preserved lime cordial. Start by zesting two oranges using a microplaner, then squeeze the juice of one of the oranges and set aside. Setup a sauce pan with five ounces of water and the same volume of sugar, heating to dissolve. As the sugar dissolved, add two ounces of orange juice, bring the mixture a boil, then added the zest. Covered the pot and remove from heat to let it cool. Once cool, strain the mixture through paper towels and bottle. Makes roughly 8 ounces that we will keep in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

Zero Sec, Non-alcoholic Triple Sec
Zest of two oranges
2 oz orange juice
5 oz of sugar by volume
5 oz water

Dissolve sugar in water in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add juice and bring to a boil. Add zest and remove from heat. Allow to cool, strain and bottle. Store refrigerated for up to two weeks.

Use this to make a NArgarita!

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