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Paper Airplane

This week I had originally intended to write about the Aviation cocktail, a drink so good that I was able to find an excuse to feature it earlier in the


A few weeks ago, someone mentioned the Boulevardier cocktail in a comment. It’s a drink that we first read about in Ted Haigh’s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, and one


At long last, I am finally posting the Negroni for the Drink of the Week. I am finding that there are just too many interesting twists on this classic that

Destination Portland: Clyde Common

Kimberly and I have a new favorite location for great food and even better cocktails, but it requires a little planning to get there from St. Paul. That’s because this

Bitters, Bitters and More Bitters

Yesterday, I attended the “Mixology 3: Make Your Own Bitters” event organized by Studio Bricolage and hosted by the Bradstreet Crafthouse at the Graves 601 Hotel. I was one of