Random Recipe




This page serves as an alphabetized index of the cocktail recipes that appear on Summit Sips. Those with an asterisk (*) are non-alcolholic recipes.

# 12 Mile Limit, 20th Century, 21st Century, 886

A Absinthe Drip, Absinthe Frappe, Airmail, Alaska, Albert Park Swizzle, Algonquin, Amaretto Sour, Americano, Ancient MarinerAngostura Fizz, Angostura Sour, Anita*, Anodyne, Anthurium, Aperol SpritzApple Smash, Appley Ever After, AprileArt of Choke, Atty, Aviation

B Bacon Manhattan, Basil Lime Fizz*, BeachbumBensonhurst, Benton's Old Fashioned, Bee's Knees, Between the Sheets, Bicicletta, Bicycles & BasketsBitter Branch, Bijou, Black Walnut Old FashionedBlood and Sand, Blushing MonkBobby Burns, Bols Alaska, Boston Bog, Boulevardier, Bourbon BijouBrandy BuckBrandy Crusta, Breakfast Collins, Briar Patch, Broken BikeBubbaloo, Bumboo

C Caipirinha, Calvados Cocktail, Campari Sour, Champs Élysées, Chaplin, Chartreuse Swizzle Cherry Caiprissima, Cherry Rhubarb Sour, Cheshire Grin, Chestnut CupChimp In Orbit, Chrysanthemum, Church, Cin Cyn, Cinquecento, Circean, Clover ClubCoca Cola*, Collins, ColumbiaCommodore, Communist, Corn & Oil, Corpse Reviver #2, Cosmopolitan, CranstonCuba LibreCurfew

D Daiquiri, Dark and Stormy, Death in the Gulf StreamDerby, Derham Dollie*, Diablo, Dogwood Manhattan, Dunniette

E Eastern Sour, Edgewood, Egg NogEighth DwarfElder Rose, El Presidente, Epiphany, Eeyore's Requiem

F Fangs Out, Fernelderwood, Figgy Pudding, First WordFloridita Cocktail, Floridita Daiquiri, Fog Cutter, Frank Collins, French Flamingo, French 75

G Gangs of New YorkGetaway, Gilded Cage, Gin Gin Mule, Gin & (Homemade) Tonic, Gin Red Basil Smash, Gin RickeyGinger Beer*, Glass SlipperGolden Dawn, Greyhound, Green GlacierGreenpoint, Grilled Pineapple Southside, Ground Cherry DaiquiriGrounded for Life

H Hanky-Panky, HarringtonHemingway Daiquiri, HoneymoonHot Buttered Rum, Hotel NacionalSpecial, Hunting Vest

I Improved Gin Cocktail, Income Tax, Irish Coffee, Iron Cross

J Jack Rose, Jackson Pollock, Japanese, Jasmine, Jeremy Renner, Juliet & Romeo, Jungle Bird

K KirkwoodKir Royale, Kojo

L Last Word, Lavender Lemon Drop, La Yapa, Le CocoLeapfrog, Leap Year, Limoncello, Lion's TailLondon Sour, LowlandsLucien Gaudin

M Magnetic Monkey, Mai Tai, Malodor Shoots, Mamie Taylor, Maplewood, Margarita, Manhattan, Martinez, Melon Cucumber Cooler*, Mexican Circus Tiger, Metropole, Millionaire No. 1, Mimosa, Mint Julep, Mojito, Monkey Gland, Monte Carlo, Montego BayMoscow Mule, Munich Sour, My New Religion

N Naked and FamousNavy Grog, Negroni, Newark, Night of the Hunter, Norwegian Negroni, Norwegian Wood, Nybeck

O Old Crispin, Old Fashioned, Oliveto, One Flight Up, Oriental, Oahu Gin Sling

P Paddington, Painkiller, Palmetto, Pama FrostPaper Airplane, Part & Parcel, Pegu Club, Pendennis Club, Pepto Bismopolitan, Peruvian Summer Smash, Philadelphia Fish House PunchPieces of Eight, Pimm’s Cup, Pink Lady, Pisco Sour, Poi DogPontarlier Julep, Poor LizaPortent of Spring, Port Light, Pumpkin Spiced, Punch (basic Planter's formula)

Q Queen's Park Swizzle

R Raspberry Shrub*, Rattlesnake (Beretta's version)Red HoodRed Hook, Red Pepper Daisy, Rhubarb BlushRiviera, Rocky Mountain Punch, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Rural Juror, Rurita

S Salty DogSangria, Saratoga, Satan’s Whiskers, Savoy Tango, Saw Tooth, Sazerac, Scofflaw, Scottie FergusonSea of Cortez, Seelbach, Sherry Cobbler, ShipwreckSidecar, Singapore Sling, Sleepy Head, Sloe Gin Fizz, Smoked Manhattan, Southside, South Side Rickey, St. Stephen's SourSTEP to the DOT, Stinger, Strawberry Barb, Suffering Bastard, Summit Sips Punch

T Tailspin, Take 3, Tequila Sage Smash, TipperaryToronto, Trident, Turn SignalTwelve Mile Limit, Twentieth Century, Twenty-First Century


V Vesper, VertigoVieux Carré, Volcano Bowl

W Ward 8, Wenzhou Punch, Whiskey Smash, Whiskey Sour, Widow's Kiss



Z Zarzamora, Zombie (easy), Zombie (1934)